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And Now, For Something Completely Different

On the other hand, I have had the enormously good fortune of following the generally excellent advice of the music critic of Crisis, Richard Reilly, as a result I have been exposed to an endless variety of very fine music, access to which i might not otherwise have. Currently I am listening to Malcolm Arnold, Symphony Number 5, and while there is a bit of dissonance, it is certainly no more than marks the works of the early Twentieth Century Greats Stravinsky and Debussy. The chromatics and rather interesting and provide a lovely color to the work. If you have a chance, slip over to Crisis Magazine (here) and take a look at the music column. You may have the pleasure of discovering something wonderful for your listening pleasure. Oh, and the great thing about the Matthew Arnold is that it is available on Naxos, which means it costs between one-half and one-third the price of a normal CD.

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