Staying Home--Rejoicing Feel dreadful beyond


Staying Home--Rejoicing

Feel dreadful beyond words today, so I'm staying home--sinuses or virus--who knows?

But even so I'm reminded that it is a beautiful morning to give God thanks for all of His mercies. His greatest reaches to the heavens and permeates all the Earth. He hears our prayers and answers them. He guards us as the apple of His eye and we are carved on the palm of His hand. His love is to be cherished more than all the riches of all the world.

Is there anything that does not respond to the loving call of God. Even those who do evil, do so as a misguided reaction to Him. There is nothing that He does not control.

I am put in mind of one of my favorite passages of scripture. A prayer to offer to God every morning from the Song of Songs, a reminder of His abiding concern and Love.

Song of Songs 8:6-7 6. Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm, for love is strong as death, jealousy is cruel as the grave. The coals thereof are coals of fire, which hath a most vehement flame. 7. Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it. If a man would give all the substance of his house for love, it would be utterly contemned.

Here the soul speaks to Jesus Christ who tells it, "Set me as a seal upon your heart, a seal upon your arm." In other words, become the slave of Christ to obtain your freedom. We are all mercilessly bound to the world until we set Him as Lord over us. We know the love of which we speak because it comes with a fire of most vehement flame--the Holy Spirit, who works within us to help drive out all the works of darkness.

This is the Lord we have. This is the God we love. Everyday, we should rejoice in another day. Yes, there will be problems. Indeed, there will be strife. But God is near, breathing life into us, guiding our footsteps, bearing us up "lest we dash our foot against a stone." This is the God we hold as our own. This is the Lord who is our master, and it is cause for constant rejoicing.

So, for a moment today, move your mind away from scandals, hypocrisy, and sheer human cussedness. Take in the beauty of a fountain, a flower,, the sky, and revel in the presence of the God who loves you!

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