Prayers for Kairos and Mrs.


Prayers for Kairos and Mrs. Kairos

From his site:

We are waiting for some info from the doctors that could be good, bad, or really bad, so prayers for me and Mrs. K would be very much apreciated. Especially if you happen to be seeing this in advance of about 8 am Wednesday.

You got 'em buddy!

May the Lord God Almighty, who made Heaven and Earth and all the things of the Earth, be your comforter, your companion and your guide, and may your spirits "mount up on wings of eagles--run and not be weary, walk and not faint." May He open the rich treasures of His healing grace and His merciful love. And may the Mother of Love Incarnate stand at His side, constantly whispering your needs in His ear. May Mary, Queen of Contemplatives, and Mother of God, hear your cause and bring it to the throneroom of the King of Mercy. Amen.

Shalom Kairos and Mrs (Sally) Kairos. His peace be with you.

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