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Evolution and Faith


Once again, the sweet breath of reason is exhaled from the precincts of the Vatican on this--admittedly the least of issues, but a sore point for me.

Pope Benedict XVI on Evolution and Stewardship of Earth

This is the first pronouncement from the new pope that has me really thrilled. All the rest have been interesting or wonderful but haven't inspired me much. This one is inspirational because once again it seems as though the Catholic Church is insisting that one need not check one's reason at the door.

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New Critters


Sent by a friend, a link to a blog that is dedicated to the announcement of the discovery of new species.


Note: Harry Potter fans might be particularly amused by Dracorex hogwartsia a pachycephalosaur named by Robert Bakker. Had it been anyone other than Bakker, I would have thought, "Yeah, right!" But it seems just right coming from him.


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