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She's Up!!


One of the great things about the place I work in Orlando is that it is one of the taller buildings in the area. As a result we all go up to the seventh or eighth floor and watch every launching. Usually they are sparsely attended, but today the bulding had a distinct list to the east as everyone crowded the windows to hope, pray, and wish Discovery on her way. Four, five-hundred people all watching the ascent. No, it's not the view from Canaveral, but it is very, very nice indeed, and very nice to see so many interested and so many praying for a safe journey.

I stood and peered anxiously out the window looking for the little flame and the plume of smoke that would mark her ascent. And there it was to the left of a crane of the horizon, arcing up into the clouds, flame strong, plume of smoke thick but quickly swept away so that the trace of her path was quickly removed. And with her my heart also ascended knowing that we were once again on our way. Here in Florida, this has been the constant subject of discussion for the last two weeks or more, and today we were able to witness its execution. Pray for a safe and fulfilling journey, for safety for the present crew and for those who return and for a return of information that will benefit all of humankind.

Oh, how wonderful it is to be able to see this continued movement into the next frontier.

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One Last Image

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Around_Key_West_Day_2 (61).JPG

In a private communication one reader was surprised at how much I had liked Key West and how poetic I had waxed over it. Well, this little photo will give you a sense of why. That was the view from my hotel room. Three days after Dennis and sea and sky have returned to where they started. In other pictures the swirls of sea and sky reflect one another with the same apparent flatness. I cannot say enough about the water and its color. As soon as I can reasonably well capture it, I will likely substitute it for my background on this site. Problem has been that there has been no good way to capture it well.

Well, good night all.

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Arizona_Sonoran_Desert_Museum 030.jpg

Sorry. Not the spiny lizard, but I thought you might prefer one in focus. I'm still sorting through the spiny lizard photos with some hope that I might find one that isn't all blurred out.

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My Javelina pictures did not come out as well as I would have liked and the Coyotes were downright dreadful. Got a lot of great spiny lizards, but figured you might enjoy these more.

Tucson_La_Paloma_Resort 020.jpg

Tucson_La_Paloma_Resort 019.jpg

And the lovely San Xavier del Bac, presently undergoing restoration.

San_Xavier_del_Bac 003.jpg

And to RC if he happens to drop by--I promise never, never, never to do this again. For one thing it is entirely too much effort--but I'll work really hard to reduce server strain.

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Corckscrew_Swamp (2).JPG

The flower above and the friend below were both experiences to be savored at Corkscrew Swamp--an Audubon preserve.

Corckscrew_Swamp (8).JPG

Said friend is heralded by this plant--appropriately enough called Alligator flag. Throughout the swamp we found them with these regular, even perforations. They were so perfect that it seemed unlikely to be caused by a browsing insect. I thought perhaps they functioned like the slits in banana leaves. Alas, I know too little about this mystery to help you resolve it.

Corckscrew_Swamp (85).JPG

And the friend below brought to me courtesy of a short side-trip to Estero, Florida--the Koreshan Settlement.

Koreshan_Settlement_Estero (60).JPG

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Why I Love the Dry Tortugas


Dry_Tortugas (82).JPG

And yes, for many reasons, this is likely to be the best picture you see of me on this site.

Dry_Tortugas (40).JPG

The view of Fort Jefferson--the place of incarceration of Dr. Samuel Mudd, unjustly railroaded into prison for setting John Wilkes Booth's leg and released after helping tend a yellow fever epidemic in the Fort. Certainly the acts of a traitorous coward.

Dry_Tortugas (119).JPG

What you can see without ever entering the water. (From the moat walk around the fort.)

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