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Chaitin's Number--Omega

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Oh, no, don't ask why. Just go and explore the complexities of a non-computable, nearly undefinable number in support of Gödel's theorem.

No, no, just go.

Okay, just a hint--it is related to the stink beetle yesterday.

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Anomalocaris Plush

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I need one of these.

You can find it here:.

Could some kind soul first translate the Japanese to tell me how I might get it. And then, would another kind soul volunteer to get it for me?

This is one of those sine qua non of the invertebrate palaeontologist. And no wisecracks about how those words are used together. I haven't been spineless for weeks, or at least days. . .well hours. . . okay, still no wise cracks.

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A Few of My Favorite Things


I relish the shiny darkness of the empty in-box,

the clean, unfettered desktop

unmarred by files, uncomplicated by links

image alone and unthreatening

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What can you say when you go down to the cafeteria and the feature is mojo pork, black beans and rice, and fried sweet plantains? Except, perhaps, yummy. That's just one of the reasons Florida is such a fantastic place to be.

Sometimes I'm almost willing to hug Fidel for sending us so many people to diversify our population and cuisine. We're definitely better for it.

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Simple Pleasures


One of the things I write too infrequently about are the simple pleasures available from living in Florida that I have not encountered elsewhere.

For example, lunch today was at a small restaurant called "Q'Kennans." Q'Kennans features Venezuelan cuisine--most particularly two types of sandwiches a Patacon which is made with either green or sweet plantains as the bread, and Arepas (my favorite) which are sandwiches in which the filling is stuffed into a small corn-cake that has been split and hollowed out. The procedure itself is well worth watching and reminiscent of the actions of an oyster-shucker.

My favorite of the arepas is the Reina Pepeada which consists of a good but rather bland white-meat chicken salad stuffed into the corn-cake with about half an avocado. Usually I top this off with black beans and rice, but today I went with fried green plantains.

Such a simple and delightful lunch in a restaurant where English is tolerated, even welcomed, but certainly not the predominant part of the polyglot mix of different flavors of Spanish and Portuguese.

It is good to thank God for these simple and delightful things.

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This came in e-mail

On Wednesday of this week, at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 in the morning, the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06. This won't ever happen again.

And of course, they are incorrect, but it will never again come around in my lifetime. So it is a once in a millenium "event." Perhaps I'll wait up for it. Most likely not.

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Learn New Testament Greek


Home Page of

On-line lessons with study sheets, nice slow intro to the letters etc. May have posted this before, but it is cool enough to require another posting.

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Boston Molasses Flood of 1919

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Molasses Clocked at 35 MPH ... in January!

Okay, so you watch too much Food Network and you hear about things like the Boston Molassacre, in which 21 people died in a Molasses flood. It isn't funny, but there's such a surreal effect about it, I had to make it part of the blog.

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