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Bride and Prejudice

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In two words,"See it."

I saw a review on Julie's site after seeing it recommended at Netflix.

A breakthrough film, featuring all that is best in Indian cinema with a western slant that invites us in. There's color and singing and dancing, and a story we all know and can hum along to. Because I am not so concerned with coordination with the original plot line, I think I was able to enjoy this for the real celebration of family and life that it was. (Commenters at Julie's were disturbed by who was whom according to the book.) For those of you not yet acquainted with the original this is a colorful and delightful introduction.

So much so that I am hard pressed as to whether to more highly tout the "cobra dance" or the gospel choir on the beach sequence.

Beautifully filmed, colorful, and uplifting, I can hardly recommend this highly enough to the St. Blog's community. I laughed myself silly at parts and enjoyed the songs and the essential joy that permeated the film.

An enjoyable way to engage other cultures and to get a look at our own through different eyes.

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Horror: The Perfect Christian Genre

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