"So Long Self"

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In the car, I tend to listen to a Christian Music station. I don't much like it; however, if I'm going to hear words coming out of Samuel's mouth I'd rather they be "Holy, Holy, Holy" than "I'm as good once as I ever was." Given the dearth of classical music and even of classic radio, it's either CDs or Christian music or silence, and a car is never silent.

So, I was listening this morning as I came into work and I was really surprised by a very pop-py, kicky sixties-mod Beatles invasion-rock piece by a group called Mercy Me. For a moment I forgot I was on Christian Radio and was just really enjoying the music, and then I paid attention. I was stunned by the subversiveness of the lyrics and how I was drawn into this very anti-secular song. This is the power of Christian art--it creeps in under the radar and wallops you. A perky, Petula Clark tune becomes an anthem to immersing oneself in Christ and putting on the "new man." Cool.

Note: For several days I had the wrong title in the header. I thought I fixed this yesterday (10/26) but it appears to have failed. So, trying again.

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Is the name of the tune "New Man" by Petula Clark? I ask because I might check it out and download it to the the 'ole iPod.

Dear Goodform,

No, I don't think they "took over" a melody from someone else, rather, they created their own version. So I don't think they borrowed it. I just really, really liked it this morning. Problem is, that things I like immediately don't seem to well wear with me. It's usually things that interest me but don't really appeal to me that I grow to love.





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