Florence King on Ann Coulter

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Here. Thanks to Brandon.

I'd like to play in this game, but I can't because I dislike Ann Coulter's approach to things in the same way I dislike Maureen Dowd's, Molly Ivin's, and Al Franken's. For me, she unman's any point she may have to make with a vitriolic diatribe directed at tearing down a person--an unacceptable way to relate to others and a poor example. And its a shame because she has some good points. But rather than viewing her points as serious arguments, I'm afraid I look upon her as a largely self-aggrandizing, vicious clown--rather the terrestrial version of Killer Klowns from Outer Space. But that's just my view--I've little patience for those whose mode of argument is embellished with ad hominem remarks of, as Florence would have it, the sledgehammer sort.

Nevertheless, the article is good, and its King's rapier that is my own preferred mode of operation if one must--but mostly one mustn't.

"I can't afford to hate people. I don't have that kind of time."

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Yes I think Flo King is right on. I used to like Coulter's style but I've lost the taste for it. I recall my wife saying of "Crossfire": "how can you stand all that arguing and shouting?". I loved it in the '90s, but not it grates.

I was just reading bits of that Florence King article to MrsDarwin this morning. Man, that was a blast...

I meant of course "now it grates".



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