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You're not going looking for great story. You are not going looking for profound resonance for the ages. You aren't going to learn something about human nature.

And it's a good thing.

On the other hand, you're going because a young one in the house sees paranoid penguin commandoes and knows that this is THE film to see. You're going because you want to see how a New York lion fares in Madagascar. You're going (although you may not know it yet) because life among the lemurs is a whole lot of fun punctuated by moments of extreme terror.

And you do after all like to "Move it, move it, you like to move it, move it."

And, if the little ones enjoy it, isn't it worthwhile after all? The answer, I'm looking for, of course is yes.

Recommended--good for an entire family of brainless fun.

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That's what I figured it would be. But I'll probably take Eddie if we have a rainy day. (And I do get a certain glee out of nefarious it the personality versus the cute appearance? Who knows.)

Dear Ellyn,

By all means do, everyone will have a good time, I think. Samuel was beside himself.



The penguins in Antarctica was one of the funniest movie scenes I've seen in a theater in years.

Thanks for the recommendation, Steven. We (parents included) had a ball a few years ago when we went to see Finding Nemo.



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