For Those Who Needed Another Reason to NOT Shop at Walmart

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I worked for Wal-Mart for six months when I first graduated from college because no one else would even look at my resume. The working conditions are horrible, and everything about the benefits are true. The sad thing about Wal-Mart is that many nights I would have to cover 4 or more departments because of cutbacks to save on payroll. I was in my department by myself (electronics is hardly operable by one person alone) and had to cover three other departments for a measley 6.05/hr. Not to mention no benefits until 6 mos of employment and the fact that each manager had a project for you to do for them. Working 4 deparments, doing 3 or 4 other projects for managers, no benefits and 6.05/hr - not enough to live on. Truly the American dream coming alive!

Thanks for the link, Steven. I've been getting more and more wary of Wal-Mart these days. The idea of lower prices is great, but someone is footing that bill. Either employees here state side who get beans or the sweat shops abroad.



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