My Contempt for the Ideas Overfloweth

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So instead read Erik's remarkable and incisive skewering of the PoMo deconstructionists. I cannot force myself to the labor of addressing those who hold these foolish notions. It astounds me how self-deceptive the human mind can be.

But note always--contempt for the ideas and the actions (Paul de Man was a known Nazi collaborator) of the individuals--never for people themselves. All people, no matter how distorted their notions, tortured their reasoning and intellect, or abhorrent (q.v. the life of Michel Foucault) their actions have the dignity of being images of Christ. A person is an image of God, no matter how they may try to efface it. Thus, death to the ideas and notions, and prayer for the deluded people who hold them and for those in power, that eventually this fetid stream will be cut off from Academia.

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tolle lege from Fructus Ventris on September 15, 2003 4:13 PM

Flos Carmeli has a brief comment from dylan! Please, please, keep praying for him.... Read More


Well stated, Steven. Even Foucault was created in the image of God. When we look Derrida in the eye, we have to see first and foremost the face of Christ.

But those ideas, on the other hand. Ready your lances y vamos al toros!

Hello, Steven. Don't know when will be my next opportunity to get online, but just wanted to say hello. My irksome captivity continueth, alleviated somewhat by the ability to go out on passes with family. Hoping all is well chez vous. Pray for me.

I'd know that voice anywhere, and remember how much I miss it. Hearing it gives me hope.



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