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I thought I'd mention Davey's Mommy, who in several places about her blog wonders about the purpose of blogging on mundane matters and not talking about deeply personal, close-helf stuff. And I just have to interject that it is often though what others consider the mundane aspects of their every day lives, that I find new elements and moments of grace. Endless discussions of what the Bishops are doing wrong or right, or why these Catholics are bad Catholics and those are good ones, or why some foreign yahoo I don't even know is kindling for the fires of the Inferno, simply don't open me up to the workings of grace. But to hear the small triumphs of a day--building a castle with blocks, making dinner, just being who we are and living out our vocations--those things speak to me in a voice that demands change. They teach me things and they call me to be a better father, a more compassionate friend, and all round a better exemplar of Christ.

So to Davey's Mom and to all of those who wonder whether it is worthwhile to share what you do--the answer is YES. You do not know who you bless or how with what you choose to share. Even if you don't dive down into the muck and murk of your own souls and dredge up all manner of grisly objects to show the world, you bless us (come to think of it, perhaps more than if you ran an online confessional monologue). Don't worry about not being able to talk about deeply personal matters. You don't know how simply and mundane things transform your audiences bit by bit. You make all of us better people by simply living your lives and sharing what you choose to share with us. Thank you.

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You are so right about this. It is the humble fabric of our lives that provide the greatest lessons for each other, sometimes in things we think are little nothings. This past Sunday was our OCDS meeting, and among others things, we discussed what amplification of our Baptism was felt in our lives (this was mostly addressed to those who had made their definitive promise). It was very encouraging to those of us just starting out, and the answers given were very simple, nothing grandiose. So, it is very much our daily lives that can really serve as edification.
Some souls do such great deeds and acieve so much, that it is almost disheartening to examine them. This is what I love about St. Teresa of Jesus--she gives me such hope! And also our little Theres--because even though they achieved sanctity, they were such regular people. (or so they seem to me, anyway. Their struggles are my struggles. So that gives great companionship and comraderie on our way--this open sharing of our daily lives.



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