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Marie Ely--A Tribute from Her Son


I received an invitation to review a site of poetry, some sacred, some secular, much of it very nice. What is nicer yet is that a son should have such deep and abiding love for his mother that after all these years he would wish to make her work known to all. If you wish to honor such dedication, please stop by Tribute to Marie Ely.

(Warning, the server for this site is a bit poky, so be ready to give it some time. I think you'll find it worth it.) A short excerpt from one of the poems follows.

In the Likeness of Our Lord

The hallowed saints whom we revere
Are of the past - - their lives and actions have
Been probed until the Church is without doubt
That they are worthy of this honored name.
But once they were as we - - with doubts and fears,
Temptations, struggles, triumph over sin.
'Twas with the grace of God they built their lives
A[n]d fashioned them to honor God alone.

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