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A Reminder from a Friend


A Reminder from a Friend

In the course of conversation, a salient point was raised regarding the post yesterday about Saddam Hussein's sons. I think the point quite important and one that help to cast all of the discussion into perspective. While my post focused on these two more as a reaction to some of the schadenfreude that seemed to permeate certain sectors of the blogworld (mercifully not so much in St. Blog's) and the world at large, it did overlook a vast populace far more deserving of our prayers. In mentioning and commending Hussein's sons to God's mercy, we should never forget their victims, living and dead, and the brave men and women of the American Armed forces who presently lead lives of incredibly hardship and emotional difficulty in the hopes that the people of Iraq may see a better future and the world will become a better and more settled place. Those who are oppressed by evil are certainly in need of our prayers. Those who oppose evil need our support (regardless of where we stand of the morality of the action taken) because they still stand in harm's way to demonstrate a principle in which the American people as a whole believe--the right and necessity of a people to rule themselves and to be able to live in freedom without fear of what oppressors might do. So consider this my codicil to the previous post. While I will for a time commend Hussein's sons to God's mercy, I will keep in my heart always those who suffer oppression and those who oppose it, either by prayer or by the dictates of their government.

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