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Searching for Proper Googling

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Looking at some of the search strings that lead people to my site and at their resultant matches on the site, I have drawn a general conclusion--many people would profit from a short class in boolean logic and using a search engine. Better yet might be to simply read the help material from Google's site. For example, if you want to find Nudist Wombat worshipping women covered in clay, you would be wise to surround this search phrase with quotation marks that indicates that you are searching an entire string. The Google search defaults to an automatic search near trying to find as many words in your search string as possible no matter how they are related.

I am deeply grateful that seekers after wisdom and knowledge choose to stop by my place, but I fear they must leave woefully disappointed at the lack of mention of Extra-terrestrial Terrorists murdering moon astronauts. Hopefully, they leave with some nugget of information and a slightly cheerier view of the world.

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