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Trying and Failing


Trying and Failing

Six or seven times this morning I have tried to convey my thoughts about sin and triumph over sin. I have failed miserably each time. This leads me to two possible conclusions--either the thoughts have not yet been brought into sufficient focus to be written down, or I am not sufficient to the task the topic presents. I am rather inclined to the latter conclusion as I think that only those who have seriously faced down their sins (with the help of grace) stand in a position to say anything that would be likely to help others regarding the topic. So, I will leave it alone for the time being and come back when and if the spirit leads, knowing that all that is good starts, consists in, and ends with Jesus Christ. To my mind that is the meaning of Alpha and Omega in our daily human lives. If Jesus is not the capital and the period, there is no point whatsoever in the action.

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