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The Beginning of October

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I think I've said before that October is my favorite month. It has long been so. Apple harvest is in, the beginning of pumpkin pie and spice season, and that gradual lowering toward the deep dark of December, but not yet there.

Another thing about October, and perhaps this is just another sign of my calling, is that we celebrate two major Carmelite Saint feasts and the Feast of the Holy Rosary (which is neither Carmelite, nor a favorite of mine, but it adds to that month in which we also celebrate St. Francis of Assisi and indeed, All Saints).

For today, I just wanted to remind everyone of the gentle power of St. Therese, the entrenched determination to love. She is a saint who said she wanted to spend her heaven doing good on Earth, and the good she did, does, and taught/teaches continues to support us all in our journey toward God.

Happy October. Happy St. Therese Day. And a joyous conclusion to Rosh Hashanah, with hopes for a blessed Yom Kippur.

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