Prayer Request--9 August 2004--Memorial (Feast) of St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

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All this He endured in working our salvation. For since those who were enslaved to sin were liable to the penalties of sin, he himself, exempt from sin though he was and walking the path of perfect righteousness, underwent the punishment of sinners. By his cross he blotted out the decree of the ancient curse. . . From a Treatise on the Incarnation of the Lord--Theodoret of Cyr

Prayer Requests

Pease continue to pray for Dylan

For Peter Nixon who will undergo surgery tomorrow.

For a dear friend who is undergoing a troubling period in her life, besent with a number of problems, physical, financial, emotional. May God hold her close to His heart.

For the people of the Sudan that they may know peace and security and that they might learn to live together.

A correspondent writes and asks for prayers for healing--for an end to the ringing in his head

For a special intention for Linda and me.

For a St. Blog's parishioner in need of work to forestall financial catastrophe, that the Lord provide all that is needed in both material and spiritual blessings.

For a young lady of e-mail acquaintance who requests our prayers as she continues on the path of healing and attends a retreat in the near future. She needs all of our support and love.

A special request from two gentleman battling particularly troublesome and besetting sins for grace and help as they continue forward.

For those struggling against self to attain holiness, that the Good Lord will raise up new Saints for our times, visible beacons that draw all people toward Christ.

For all those in the process of discerning vocations to the religious life, for guidance, prudence and good counsel

For our children, that they grow up in security, comfort, and the certain knowledge that they are loved and that they be released from any bonds of darkness, fear, anger, or sadness that bind and threaten them

For all those living under the curse of generational sins, that they may have protection and the inheritance of the past may be made void in their lives.

For all who are suffering from marital problems, most particularly those in our own families or communities, that the Lord may intervene and remind them that a marriage is of three persons.

For mothers and families that struggle with autism and autistic-related disabilities: particularly for M'Lynn, Melissa, Christine, and Betty.

For families that desire more children

For the conversion or return of spouses and loved ones to the Catholic Church, most particularly for Amanda's husband

For the men and women of the American Armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and for their families, may the Good Lord provide sustenance, support, compassion, and love that these separated families might continue to grow in strength and love.

Special Prayer Projects:

(1) For Katherine and Franklin, Peter Kucera, and for all who are seeking employment and suffering through difficult times as they wait.

(2)Healthy Pregnancies and good and safe deliveries: From Davey's Mom: I am with child once again and could use prayers for a healthy pregnancy. For Suki, for a healthy pregancy and a safe delivery. For JCecil3 and Wife. For Pansy Moss. For Mts. White and child. For Katherine and her friend Corren. Our Lady of La Leche, pray for us. Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us. St. Gerard Majella, pray for us. Blessed Gianna, pray for us.

A very important request from a St. Blogs parishioner--"I found out recently that my friend's sister is pregnant for the fourth time. Her other three children have autism, and I know it would make her very, very happy to have a normal child." Please pray for this poor woman that she might have the joy of a healthy pregnancy and a happy, healthy delivery and new infant. Our Lady of La Leche, pray for us. Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us. St. Gerard Majella, Pray for Us.
Blessed Gianna, pray for us.

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Today is the Feast of St. Teresa Benedicta OCD.


Thank you.

Two points:

(1) I'm terrible at remembering all these things, even those within the order; however, even barring that--

(2) this entry was composed during a bout of externally produced insomnia, so even had I realized the date, I'm uncertain that the clarity would have dawned.

By this morning, I did realize it, but didn't change the header, so thank you much for the head's up.





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