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This from the blogkeeper at Fiat Mihi. It has made my life more beautiful today; I give thanks to God for it. (If you happen by --Sorry I didn't include that last part in my note to you Miss White. Thanks again.)

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Please, the correct honorific for an unmarried woman is "Miss".

"Ms." is an anti-honorific meant as a vicious, meaningless stab at traditional femininity. If you want to see what kind of "ladies" use it and force our entire civilization to use it, read the magazine by the same name.

Miss Hilary White

Dear Miss White,

I will gladly do so. When I am uncertain of marital status I use Ms, largely because it makes the same sound as the Southern honorific Miz, applied to women regardless of marital status (as in "Miz Scarlett, Miz Scarlett"). My apologies for any inadvertant offense. And my thanks for visiting.





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