Prayer Requests 5/12/04


Your love, Lord, reaches to heaven;
your truth to the skies.
Your justice is like God's mountain,
your judgments like the deep. (psalm 36)

Amanda reports that Ashli had her baby, a little girl named Elise. Praise God for nurturing this pregnancy to a safe birth.


Please continue to pray for Dylan

For the souls of the misguided tormentors of innocent civilians that they may be led away from the precipice on which they are standing and toward love of God; that they may know His mercy and not the full weight of His justice.

For Susan R. a friend of a friend, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer; she is recovering from surgery today and may be released to home

Please pray for Katherine who is having an extremely difficult time preparing for visits and tending to sick children while feeling very ill herself; also for her friend Coreen who is also very ill.

Please remember Mary Lou's daughter Teresa who is a newborn who is not feeding well and not gaining the weight she should be

Please pray for me as I go through an extended process of discernment and listening.

For Nathan for special needs

For Tom's (of Goodform, Santificarnos, Fathers Know Best) Father-in-Law who is having a bad-health year, for recovery and strength for the family that must cope with it.

Please pray for a special need for Katherine at this time.

A special request from a gentleman battling a particularly troublesome and besetting sin for grace and help as he continues forward.

Please pray for Franklin's father, Bill, who is still is assisted living

For Christine, Gordon, Heather, and Ray as they set up house and get used to new surroundings.

Mary asks for prayers for an online friend currently undergoing some hardship.

Lynn (Noli Irritare Leones) requests: "Could you also pray for my coworker's family? His wife just had triplets, one stillborn and the other two premature and currently in the NICU."

For Franklin for special intentions and for Katherine and the children in this difficult time for the family.

For those struggling against self to attain holiness, that the Good Lord will raise up new Saints for our times, visible beacons that draw all people toward Christ.

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