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Too long neglected, poetry has been here, and so a moment more and I return to what I love most in the way of words.

Psalm I Done into Verse, 1653
John MIlton

BLess'd is the man who hath not walk'd astray
In counsel of the wicked, and ith' way
Of sinners hath not stood, and in the seat
Of scorners hath not sat. But in the great
Jehovahs Law is ever his delight,
And in his Law he studies day and night.
He shall be as a tree which planted grows
By watry streams, and in his season knows
To yield his fruit, and his leaf shall not fall,
And what he takes in hand shall prosper all.
Not so the wicked, but as chaff which fann'd
The wind drives, so the wicked shall not stand
In judgment, or abide their tryal then,
Nor sinners in th' assembly of just men.
For the Lord knows th' upright way of the just,
And the way of bad men to ruine must.

I chose this psalm because I think that many are already quite familiar with it and because I think this a lovely paraphrase combining the great strengths of Milton, rhythm and syntax.

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