Opinions, Anyone?

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Does this like it would do anything at all for or against spam?

It might be worth a try--after I figure out what their suggest URL actually DOES.

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a small plea from Not for Sheep on May 6, 2004 7:38 PM

To all the Resident of St. Blog's, Hi, it's me. I'm the token progressive, remember? I know lots of you have my email address in your address books (this I know because of all the hate mail I've received from... Read More


Pretty cool idea. I think it will work or at least help. I've always wanted some way to strike back at these spammers rather than just trying to block and filter out their junk. I wish there was some way that would allow a virus to be shot back to every spammer that would essentailly render their PC's useless, fry all their wall outlets, burn their popcorn, cancel their cable channels, pour sugar into their gas tanks, shut down their furnaces and air conditioning, and, and, well you get the picture. :-)



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