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Many of you may already have found Natha at Pax et Caritas. Just prior to leaving St., Nathan lamented the absence of progressive Catholics. I don't know if he had encounter Todd or JCecil3 or Steve Bogner or Katherine of Not for Sheep. If any of you still read this, you might want to visit him and give him a bit of encouragement on his journey. I think he would appreciate it.

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I love these labels. Progressives most often call me moderate and it seems conservatives often call me liberal or progressive(!) It makes me laugh - in a good way. But I will check-out Nathan's site - thanks for pointing that out.

Dear Steve,

I know exactly what you mean, and I didn't mean to imply that you were "progressive" but that your opinions varied from those of many of the blogs in some substantial (and thought-provoking) respects. I have already ranted and railed against labels for precisely this reason, but I just didn't want poor Nathan to think that he was wandering the wilds of marginal Catholicism and there were no others who held opinions (in some things) that might be similar. I find that on a majority of these issues, I have no strongly formulated opinions at all--just my vagaries of the moment. But thanks for providing the needed corrective.





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