Extra Special, Super Important, Birthday Blessings/Prayers Requested

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Samuel is six years old today!

And so wise--instead of wanting a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, he said he wanted to go to the Beach! Yeah! So later today it's off to the Gulf Coast for us.

Praise God and thank you Jesus for so bright a light as Samuel in my life. His mother and he are the sum of my Earthly joy, the summit of my pleasure in creation, and my home here on Earth. God grant that it ever be so--that second only to Him they be my heart and my joy.

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More Birthday Wishes.... from Two Sleepy Mommies on May 14, 2004 3:20 PM

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Samuel!!!

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to Samuel! Hope you all enjoy the beach!

Happy birthday!

happy birthday!!!!!

Remember, Steven, that you must love God more than your beloved Samuel. Then love Samuel. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!
Congratulations and prayers for blessings in the coming year.

Thanks for sharing the pic - looks like the greatest birthday party! (Kids born in winter along the shores of Lake Michigan are not so blessed :) )

His birthday wishes are surprisingly similar to mine - a beach! I'd add only a beer.

Happy Birthday Samuel!

God bless the boy, Steven, and your whole family.
But why the Gulf coast? There are actual waves on the other one.

Dear Bill,

Because of the lack of waves and strong current. Samuel isn't much of a swimmer yet and some of the tides on the Atlantic side are a bit hefty. Besides we wanted to see what all the hoo-haw about Venice was. And I'm glad we did.





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