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There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about what the contemplative life consists of. Part of that may be because many of us are unaware of people in our own state of life who are truly contemplative. Part of it may come from other misunderstandings. I would like to post over the next several days understandings from within my vocation as a lay contemplative my understanding of how this can be lived out. Now, you must first understand that I am speaking theoretically, because I have not yet achieved what I desire. But I'm fairly certain that I have a map of the terrain and that it isn't God that keeps me away, but my own fearful and sinful nature.

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Does this mean that you will be continuing to blog?

Dear Alicia,

Yes. I appear to have recovered from my meltdown due in large part to the prayers and offerings of the great people of St. Blogs.





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