Prayer Requests 4/28/04



Please continue to pray for Dylan

A special request from a gentleman battling a particularly troublesome and besetting sin for grace and help as he continues forward.

Please pray for Franklin's father, Bill, who is still is assisted living

For Christine, Gordon, Heather, and Ray as they travel to their new home and make new friends; for Samuel, my wife, and me, as we mourn the increase of in distance of such good friends.

Marilyn requests prayers: (1)Please pray for Kira My 10 month old granddaughter. She is very very ill and is in the childrens Hospital in Seattle Washington. Please pray for Kira, her mother Jodi, her father Les and her big brother Jakob who is only seven and very concerned.

(2) Please pray for Lisa Higbee of St Brendan's Catholic church in Bothell Washington. She is the Mother of 3 boys and has terminal breast cancer. Her time is very short.

Mary asks for prayers for an online friend currently undergoing some hardship.

Lynn (Noli Irritare Leones) requests: "Could you also pray for my coworker's family? His wife just had triplets, one stillborn and the other two premature and currently in the NICU."

For Franklin for special intentions and for Katherine and the children in this difficult time for the family.

Third Order Carmelite Nancy W. from Kansas City has just had back surgery. It is thought the surgery went well; however, she is in a lot of pain. Please pray that medications will help with the pain and that she will not become addicted to them. Also please pray that she will receive a complete healing and be relieved of pain.

For those struggling against self to attain holiness, that the Good Lord will raise up new Saints for our times, visible beacons that draw all people toward Christ.

For Father Joe who has left the active ministry of Priesthood after a number of difficult experiences, for discernment, strength, and a renewal of heart, mind, and spirit

From Therese a request for Mark Cotter,SF0, 50, just diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. He has 2 children still in school.

from Peter Nixon at Sursum Corda:"A friend who is a longtime reader of this site wrote me yesterday to tell me that he has been diagnosed with renal cancer. I would ask you to keep him in your prayers. "

For all those in the process of discerning vocations to the religious life, for guidance, prudence and good counsel

For our children, that they grow up in security, comfort, and the certain knowledge that they are loved and that they be released from any bonds of darkness, fear, anger, or sadness that bind and threaten them

For Amanda and the success of her book-designing business

For all those living under the curse of generational sins, that they may have protection and the inheritance of the past may be made void in their lives.

For all who are suffering from marital problems, most particularly those in our own families or communities, that the Lord may intervene and remind them that a marriage is of three persons.

For mothers and families that struggle with autism and autistic related disabilities: particularly for M'Lynn, Melissa, Christine, and Betty.

For families that desire more children

For the conversion or return of spouses and loved ones to the Catholic Church, most particularly for Amanda's husband

For the men and women of the American Armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and for their families, may the Good Lord provide sustenance, support, compassion, and love that these separated families might continue to grow in strength and love.

Special Prayer Projects:

(1) Chris Keith, the young lady whose biopsy went poorly got the results of that biopsy--carcinoma of the liver. The cancer is metastatic from colon cancer. Surgery has taken place to treat the colon cancer.

I paraphrase her mother:

"We [members of the family] are standing on the Rock and are rock solid. We are all okay and we are looking for a few prayer warriors to help us in this battle." Because this mother means so much to me for the great good she has done for my friends, I plan to stand with her and her family in this battle, and I invite you all to join me. Expect to hear about this on and off over the next few months.

(2) For Katherine and Franklin, Janet and Louis, Peter Kucera, and for all who are seeking employment and suffering through difficult times as they wait.

(3)Healthy Pregnancies and good and safe deliveries: From Davey's Mom: I am with child once again and could use prayers for a healthy pregnancy. For Suki, for a healthy pregancy and a safe delivery. For Ashli and her child that doctors may find a way to help her carry her young one to term. For JCecil3 and Wife. For Pansy Moss. For Mts. White and child. Our Lady of La Leche, pray for us. Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us. St. Gerard Majella, pray for us. Blessed Gianna, pray for us.

A very important request from a St. Blogs parishioner--"I found out recently that my friend's sister is pregnant for the fourth time. Her other three children have autism, and I know it would make her very, very happy to have a normal child." Please pray for this poor woman that she might have the joy of a healthy pregnancy and a happy, healthy delivery and new infant. Our Lady of La Leche, pray for us. Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us. St. Gerard Majella, Pray for Us.
Blessed Gianna, pray for us.

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