An Intermission

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Please forgive me. I have been of recent date too noisy and too boisterous, exuberant, with the overall effect, to my ears, of sounding shrill, inhospitable, and impolite. Please forgiveme. For the next few days, I think I will blog only the daily prayer requests as I struggle, with God's aid to get rampant pride under control. Please feel free to continue any requests you may have to me and I will gladly post them and lovingly pray them with thanksgiving for something to take my mind off the eternal chorus of "Me! Me! Me!" that seems to sound in my skull.

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Hey, it happens to all of us. Your noisy and boisterous is my quiet day at the blog, so you're doing way better than I am.

Steven, breaks are good things no matter what you're taking a break from! I must say though that I didn't notice any "me, me, me" coming across (nor for that matter too much "boister"!)
May the Peace of our Risen Savior be with you,

I think you're being way too critical of yourself. Blogging itself assumes you have something you deem worthy of sharing, with complete strangers, even - I hope you continue the willingness to openly share your faith.

And please don't equate being exuberant with being impolite. I fear you tread too close to boredom or stiffness, then, by reigning in the things that move or touch you, and getting all wiggy about writing about them. There is such a thing as a holy boldness, you know, and that's an inspired gift! Who wants to read an empty blog page? And what's the point? Might as well post pretty pictures, and no text. Write on, dear soul...



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