What Order of Angels Are You?

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This was a particularly difficult quiz because so many of the answers were so appealing. Thanks to the blogmeister at Transcendence. Now, to be Shakespearean--"Would that it were true."

Congratulations, you're a Seraph! A member of the
highest, or first, choir of angels, you are
purity personified- a being of radiant light
and love so powerful that even other angels
find it difficult to look at you. You stand at
the throne of God, where your primary purpose
is to love Him and express that love through

What Order of Angel Are You?
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Seraph too!

I can't find the quiz! did he take it down?

Well, I can't even get to Quizilla - says here 'Objet non trouvé! L'URL requise n'a pu etre trouvée sur ce serveur. La référence sur la page citée semble être erronée ou perimée. Nous vous prions d'informer l'auteur de cette page de cette erreur.' In other words, the French are to blame!


Hi all,

Probably a momentary server probem, I tried just now and got to it fine. (1:18 EST 3/11/04)



Thanks - got it this time. me too, on seraph

Seraphs suck. Cherubs, now... They're the guys who are going to make the difference come Armageddon!

Now, now, Marc,

That sounds just an eensy-weensy bit like sour grapes to me. Just because you all have to blow about the antichambers and don't get to sit right in the throne-room with your six sets of wings and your "Holy, holy, holy" like the seraphs do.

On the other hand, since we are men, not Angels, we are even closer and more precious to God. (Something Satan just couldn't get or tolerate.) So, while the cherubs are off fighting in Armageddon, you and me and the rest of Saint Blogs will be cheerleading from the throne-room. Such is my prayer.




Oh, I don't know. I have a feeling that we're going to be fighting in Armageddon with the rest of God's creation.

And if I seemed a little too "up on myself" for a cherub, forgive me. This was the first internet test that didn't condemn me to either Antartica or the Seventh Level of Hell.


Dear Marc,

You may be right; however, they also serve who only stand and pray.

More importantly, I'm sorry that my words came off in pring more harshly than I intended. I was joking with you, not really chiding you. I didn't think saying "Cherubim Rock!" was all that triumphalist. :-)





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