What Novel Do You Belong In?

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Via Noli Irritare Leones At least it isn't that ghastly Wuthering Heights

'Tis a great mystery, but somehow you have come to
belong in Jane Eyre; a random world of love,
kindness, madness, bad luck and lunatic ex-
wives. There really isn't much to say about the
place you belong in. It's your place, and
though it seems far from reality largly due to
how random the events are, you seem to enjoy
it. You belong in a world where not too many
people understand you, and where you can be
somewhat of a recluse.

Which Classic Novel do You Belong In?
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Steve, can you change the fonts on your page? I am having troubled viewing them; when I scroll they are corrupted with lines through them and when I try to enlarge them, they overlap so much that I can't read them. -Thx, Tim

Dear Tim,

In order to fix the problem I would have to be able to reproduce it to see whcich fonts would work. I will note this and ask for some help on it as possible. Thanks.





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