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I am such an enemy of the big M that I refuse even to acknowledge his presence in anything other than this blurb; however, this delightful blog by a liberated and "with-it" female religious should prove both controversial and entertaining. Constructed by a man who appears to have infinitely expanding space/time chambers to write the night away. Well done and insightful.

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The big M? And this is a person, a male person ("his" presence.) I am completely mystified, but then I need a nap very badly.

WHAT? my stomach is in knots. please tell me that this is a joke.

Dear Smockmomma--

Does "Curt Jester" ring a bell?

Another of his prodigious output. Inspired directly by Commonweal.



Thanks Steven,

I guess smockmomma proves that this was good parody since it is hard to tell it from the real thing. That is what I was aiming for to make a point without being cruelly mocking.

I would also like to thank you for your posts on "On the Passion of Christ According to the Four Evangelists Thomas Kempis." These posts sparked an interest and I picked this book up. These are excellent and timely meditations.

I think she is in Joan Chisstier's (sp.?) community. Notice the blog hostess is one of those people with a Ph.D. who always has it noted after her surname...she should have it legally changed to "Phd".

Oh, Moloch? Well, I'm not sure you will tell me if you refuse to acknowledge his presence...

Dear Davey's Mom:

You got it--on the nose!





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