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For those of you using a palm, you should run, not walk over to THIS Freeware Palm page to get 'The Virtual Rosary." The original versions were very nice, but what makes this exceptional is that you can choose language--Latin, English, French, German, Spanish, Tagalog, Dutch and a few others--as well as what kinds of verses you want included for meditation and reflection--"Verses of Virtue", "Scriptural Rosary," Scripture, Mudjegorje (sorry, I always mess up that spelling). Anyway, it's free and it's fantastic. The new version includes the luminous mysteries and some verses to be mediation starters. I have found this a tremendously helpful devotional aid and recommend it highly. Now, I just hope the person who did the Stations of the Cross updates it for hi-rez palms.

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Thanks for the news. I'm not sure which version I'm using. The "Help About" only says that it was built for Palm OS v. 2.0.1. I don't have the Luminous Mysteries nor the additional languages, so the version you link to is definitely a later version than what I have.

I agree with you wholeheartedly about the Stations of the Cross for Palm. No complaints though about anything. You can't complain when it's free. God bless David Jenuwine for developing these for the greater glory of God only.

I got some funny looks when I took out the Palm in the perpetual adoration chapel, but it really helps my ADD to be able to read a verse at the beginnning of each bead on the rosary.



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