On the Prayer Requests


Please remember that the prayer requests extend to another page (click the link at the bottom). I prepare the requests each day before morning prayer, so every one of them is prayed for in the intentions of morning prayer. I try to review them every evening before evening or night prayer, so I try to include these intentions twice each day in the course of the Liturgy of the Hours. I don't ask anyone else to do so, but I do want everyone who is on the list to know and rest assured that everything here is prayed for at least once a day and normally twice a day. (Even on the weekends, when I do not post, I remember the intentions here and of the St. Blogs Community). Just keeping you up-to-date on the commitment to prayer. (Also, I am certain that there are members of the community who do not comment but remember these and all the other intentions unwritten and unspoken each day in their prayers.)

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