On Not Talking Politics

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The dreadfully maladjusted T.S. O'Rama finds something risible about a thread going on at Disputations which is striving to knock Haloscan out of orbit without hacking. It is somewhat immodest of me to post this as I am involved in the discussion (at enormous length), but immodesty is the word of the day, and T.S. gave me a laugh. Thank you for noting our attempt at the longest non-political non-vituperative blog-exchange. Please mention us to Guiness next time you meet him.

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I suppose by saying I wasn't going to parody it I was in a way parodying it. Or close enough. :~)
Tom did do a yeoman's job in trying to fend off both you and Rob. You all deserve a Guinness.

Dear T.S.,

Yes, it did go on. And it was a conversation I would love to have had in person. However, once one is accused of being a heretic, it does tend to raise the hackles a bit. When you fool with a Carmelite Wasp's Nest, heaven help you.



Dear TS

One other thing. Were it not for Haloscan limits, the exchange probably wouldn't have broken 100 posts, much less 140. Probably only about 60 good posts worth there.



Actually only two posts instead of 60. Just endless variations on:

"How can atoms be restored to your body?"

"Identical bodies, not bodies that are identical."

At least that's what I think I read through the fog-haze of interminability.



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