Notes from a Carmelite Meeting

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First, I wanted everyone to know that the group today invoked our Lady of La Leche and Good Parturition on behalf of all those who are pregnant and who desire to be. Most particularly I was thinking of JCecil3, Ashli, Davey's Mom, and others of St. Blogs. Rest assured, you are prayed for and cared for.

Second, to Tom of Disputations. You have the heart-felt thanks of an entire Carmelite community. After a brief description of our little interchange (in a larger discussion of Carmelite Spirituality) every person there ferevently thanked God for all the Dominicans and then fervently thanked God for not calling us there. I assured them that the Dominicans very likely felt the same. And so to all my brothers and sisters in lay religious orders, I do thank God for you every day, for the diversity and wonder of His love.

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Ahhhhhh Carmelite diplomacy at its best :-)
Hee hee


You're welcome!

Katherine, osb




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