Mysteriously, I Think I'm Falling in Love. . .

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with St. Katharine Drexel. I'm reading only the briefest of books and now I'm dying to read the writing of the saint herself. There is so much noble, wonderful, magnificent, strong, frail, in the work that she did. There is such inherent courage. God truly formed her in a way that would make it possible for her to stand up to Southerners who did not want a school for blacks near them. Can you imagine standing up to an imperious Philadelphia Matriarch? What wonders God performs with His broken people.

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Ah, St. Kate's a doll. Though standing up to her wouldn't have been too hard, as she quite short. (And she wasn't above using a beard to purchase property intended for schools for black children, which cut down on face-to-face confrontations.)

Her congregation, the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, is undertaking an elaborate construction project to spiffy up the Motherhouse for pilgrims following St. Katharine's 2001 canonization. I don't know how they're doing on vocations these days, but they seem to be following in their foundress's charism still.



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