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I have to admit, I have a thing for legal blogs. Part of it is a discipline for me--I have a personal animus toward the profession as a whole, generally endorsing Shakespeare's solution to all the world's problems--"First Hang all the Lawyers." However, I know this is not the solution, and B.F. Skinner has shown us the way to face our fears, phobias, and hatreds is actually to face them.

In doing so, I have discovered how truly wrong I can be, about lawyers, but not necessarily about how law is conducted in the U.S. So my public apology to all lawyers who do not deserve the animus I occasionally allow to flare out. And my public commendation to those of St. Blogs--The Mighty Barrister, the Author of Crim Law, and now the gentlemen from the Tricoastal Commission. My apologies for casting aspersions on what should be one of the noblest of professions and for those lingering doubts that I just can't seem to get rid of. Allow me to express my deep appreciation for your presence here, helping me to understand the complexities of a field I too readily condense, simplify, and then despise. I have learned a tremendous amount and I am humbled for my previous arrogance. And I am really, really, really working on that deep-seated mistrust. You all help. Thanks.

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We're not all so bad, Steven. There are even Carmelites among us!

Dear Christine,

Are you also among the profession? Well, please accept my apologies. I think my view is colored by some of the idiocies perpetrated by the courts and by some of the more obvious posturing that occurs in high-profile cases. But as I said, I really am working on it.




Nice site...first time I have visited.

Like anything else, it only takes a few bad experiences (with a lawyer in this case)to spoil the whole view on things.

God bless,


It's OK Steve, nothing a little law suit for defamation won't salve

John B

Yah! What Steve said! ;)



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