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Lent is drawing to a close and I am overwhelmed with the sense that I have not taken full advantage of the spiritual riches of the season. As with every year, though I anticipate Easter, I almost wish the season could linger a week or two or three. The disciplines instilled, the expected focus, the deliberate positioning of oneself in the way of grace all strike me as critically important, and six weeks is hardly enough to make something of them.

However, this season, the Lord has spoken to me very clearly through my friends in the blogosphere and through the works of His saints that He has had me stumble over. He has given me St. Katharine Drexel and her wonderul fiestiness. He has given me also Romano Guardini and his careful reminders about prayer and the mass. He has given me St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross and her magnum opus--The Science of the Cross. He has given me the blessing of one man's devotion in a moving icon (twice) and He has asked me to reflect upon it. In addition he has showered upon me untold and unexpected riches in the world--responsibilities and opportunities.

Now, I look at this last week and I ask God to sustain me in the vocation to which He has called me. I look forward to Holy Thursday with it's memorial of the installation of the Eucharist. I look forward particularly to Good Friday with its somber reminder of What was done and Who was harmed to make good my sins. I look forward to the joyous season of Easter, and ask God that in its great joy, I do not forget the lessons of Lent, but I sustain them in my heart and in my practice.

Lent is not yet over. I always anticipate too much. But I am half-fearful and half joyful at its drawing to an end. I pray that the disciplines of the season are something I can take away with me and can make a permanent part of my life.

I pray also for all of you that this Lent has been a blessing and that the experiences of it alter your lives so that your paths are more ordered to God's will and to serving Him unstintingly in every facet of your lives.

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I hear you. I always feel at the end of Lent that I have blown yet another opportunity. I take some solace in the sermon of St. John Chrysostom that is read at the Easter Vigil, but it is a small consolation. Every Ash Wednesday I have these great plans: weekly confession, get into the habit of daily mass, rich prayer life, etc. Every Palm Sunday I am thinking: blew it again. Thank God I am not Him, or I would have blasted me into little teeny bits of poo-poo and scattered them into the seven seas. It is always nice to realize that God is not nearly as vindictive, cruel or unforgiving as I am.

That should read, "I am not He." Nominative. Sorry. Even in language I blow it.



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