Loving God


The enormous appetite of Love demands all--not merely the mind, nor the body alone, nor the soul--but all that we are, all that we have, all that we do, all that we touch. Love is unsatisfied by half measures. Jesus sings:

"All or nothing at all,
half a love never appealed to me."

Jesus "spits out of his mouth" the church at Laodicea because it is not ardent. It neither loves nor hates, but it rests in the lukewarm waters of its bath and is complacent. Burning love forces the lover into action. Ardent love cannot rest on its laurels. When Jesus says, "If you love Me, you will heed my commands. . ." it isn't merely an injunction. He is telling us how we can recognize the fruits of our love for Him. True love cannot be still until the heart of the Loved One is Satisfied.

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