I Guess When It Comes Up Twice

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No matter HOW you answer, you may as well just fess up.

With Peony Moss, we make up the dual font of Modern American Poetry, but why couldn't I be Keats, or Crashaw, or Vaughn. (Possibly because those weren't choices). Oh well, better than Sylvia Plath, at least.

You are Emily Dickinson! Not all that much is
known about Emily Dickinson, probably because
she holed herself up in her room and wrote
poetry. She didn't have very many connections
with the world outside her house, and her
poetry is very introspective and
compartmentalized. You need to get out more.

Which famous poet are you? (pictures and many outcomes)
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I drew Sylvia Plath's dorm room in my sophomore year of college. I kid you not! Room 30, Haven House, Smith College, Northampton, MA!

No gas oven for me so far, thank God!

actually Pansy (and Michelle) were Whitman.

On the other hand, I, moss-eyed Peony, am HOMER! *fist pumping*

KTC -- how weird!



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