Guess the Dictator

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Father Jim of Dappled Things found this truly remarkable quiz I did defeat it, but now it can figure out Gilgamesh as well as all the other odd people I chose. Enjoy.

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I got Ariel Sharon twice. I know he was not a dictator, but I do not recall seeing him in any sit-coms.

I misconstrued the intent of the quiz; instead of my having a personage in mind, I let it define me by making sense of my answers.

I turned out to be Cindy Lubbock from "Just the Ten of Us."

Who is she? Sounds like a wacky, madcap show--I've never even heard of it!

We've only got "Just the Seven--Eight if You Count the Dog, and Nine if You Count my Husband's Cousin--of Us", though.

I did what Kathy did and stumped the quiz. It went on for over 50 questions before giving up. Didn't add myself to the database, though.

So which do you think you are, Gregg? Dictator or fodder for a sitcom? ;-)



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