Two Special Praise Reports

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Thank you all for your prayers for Linda. She is recovering well and feeling better than she has in a long time. There's still a bit of healing to do, so please keep praying, but everything is fine thus far.

And an interim report on the healing of Chris Keith (one of our long-term prayer projects) along with a special plea. I quote from a letter from her mother-in-law.

Just had the opportunity to read your very kind prayer request for our daughter in law Chris. She has begun chemo specifically to shrink (and in my prayer vision - eliminate) any lesions on her liver, in the lymph system or anywhere.
All things considered, her attitude remains positive and her faith in Our Lord's healing abilities to be as present today as it is reported in our Holy Scripture.
We claim that fact as well.

Chris turned 37 yrs. old Christmas Day in the hospital, recovering from surgery that removed the original cancer site.

Through this shocking series of events (it began Dec. 9th), ALL of us are asking everyone we know to either sign up for colonoscopys or lean on their doctors to at least have the occult blood tests.

In Chris' case, there were absolutely NO physical symptoms of any kind to alert anyone until her liver hemorrhaged and she was taken to the ER with a red blood cell count of 5 and immediately had to receive two units of blood before anything else was done.

I'm not trying to promote fear of any kind, but I know that folks (including me) would rather do almost anything rather than sign up for a colonoscopy - our message is: don't delay - stand on the rock and take care of yourself.
Certainly if anyone IS experiencing any digestive issues, I encourage them - at whatever age - to push their docs to do this life saving screening.

The day before Chris was diagnosed through liver biopsy, our religious order lost the 26 yr. sister of two of our members with the same diagnosis. She had all the resources available to her that one could have and her doctors kept following the 'suggested protocol' and kept treating her for work related stress.

I share these two stories of the extremely young affected by this terrible disease, because both these young women, being faithful and effective children of God, would want their sufferings to be used to save others, if possible.

Thank you Steven, and all of your brothers and sisters who are helping us in this fight to save Chris to be the mother to our 3yr and 6 yr old that she brought into this world. It's a great comfort to know that we have your help.

Please continue your prayers for Chris, and if you wish to leave messages of encouragement, simply write to me, or comment here in the comments box. Our strength is in the Lord and in prayer and it is by our love that we are known. And it is a sign of great love to pour out prayers for those around us who need them.

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I continue to pray for Chris.

I'm so pleased for Linda, especially that she's feeling well: I've spoken with some who have had sinus surgery who have experienced a bit of pain afterwards.

Glad Linda has managed to sidestep that hurdle to recovery!



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