On the Many Stings of Anger

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In the course of this day I have--

--witnessed an utterly illogical defense of the indefensible,
--been told how wonderful a certain set of products that is designed largely to seem likeit might do something for someone when in fact SEEMS is all it does
--been told that I really have no understanding, despite a great many years in the industry, of what it is I do
--watched a patently unfair and subversive tactic used to deprive my son of one of the very few things we can give to him.

I have been deeply angered and hurt by these things.

And then I read this in a book just obtained from Ignatius Press:

from On the Passion of Christ According to the Four Evangelists
Thomas á Kempis

How great your patience,most gentle Jesus, and how great my impatience!

Alas! How poorly I tolerate a brother when he has said or done something against me. But you, for so long a time and without complaint, have endured your disciple Judas, who would soon sell and betray you, while I, for a platry insult, quickly yield to anger and think of various ways of vindicating myself or of offering excuses. Where then is my patience, where is my meekness?

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if you didn't smack, or give smack to, any of the insulting people in question, you're closer to *holy* than i am. not that this fact actually helps you in any way.

Dear Smockmomma,

It is more helpful than you can begin to imagine. It made me laugh and that was the very finest gift of the day. Thank you!




I've been having that kind of month. I have yet to learn how to accept these things, to be detached. Pray for me and I will pray for you.

Paz y bien

Dear Ron,

Count on it. I am so upset with myself. I wonder when the time will come when I don't even think of a slight to myself when my natural reaction is not a reaction at all but a simple turning to God and thanking Him for the blessings of the day, including these difficult reminders that I am not "all that." I long for that time when my reaction is as Jesus--no response at all, simply accempting what comes from the hand of God--silent before my accusers, not offering defense or explanation, merely offering myself to God. Why is it so difficult to do? (And it is most especially difficult when it involves one's children.)

Holiness evades me, but I know if I am patient and obedient, the Lord will lead me with cords of love to the place where He wants me to be.



Thank you for another item from your storehouse of treasures. I've been finding my patience sorely tested of late (both at home and at work -especially in areas that are most acutely sensitive for me (i.e. pride) ) so this is a great help.

You are, as always, in my prayers....

Why is it that these bombshells always seem to hit in groups? Any one would be enough to wrestle with for one day!

Will pray.



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