Magnificent--Thomas á Kempis


This bit of encouragement from the reflections on Christ's Passion.

from On the Passion of Christ Thomas á Kempis

You were not ashamed to express that sadness openly in the presence of the apostles, saying: My soul is sorrowful unto death. O wondrous dispensation of God! Lord of power, who shortly before had fortified your disciples for the combat, now you appear as one enfeebled, totally devoid of strength and courage.

You generously uttered that statement in order to comfort us, who are weak and cowardly, lest one of us, being severely tempted, despair of forgiveness and salvation.

(Book available from Ignatius Press)

We are blessed by a Lord who in the extremity of His own anguish and pain was nevertheless thinking of those of us who would follow. His words provide comfort and sanctuary when we are tried by the lashings of the world. His own passion subsumes all the little passions we force on each other every day.

Perhaps we could consider withholding the lash for a day. Perhaps we could give ourselves and those around us a short break from the continual rain of expectations and expressed disappointments. Perhaps in memoriam of His passion we could call a moratorium on continuing to make small passions that only add to His own. Perhaps we can stop stamping our feet and come home to the Father who loves us, and in doing so accept the family He has given us.

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