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from John of Inn at the End of the World regarding which version of the Bible you use.

I actually use three electronic versions and a off-beat fourth print. I have on my PDA a King James Version as originally translated with the Deuterocanonical Books (few people realize that this was part of the original translation), a Douay Rheims Challoner, and a Revised Standard with supplemental Deuterocanonical (none of the RSV I could find commercially came prepackaged with the D.B.).

At home I use the Third Millenium Bible which is KJV with Deuterocanonical mildly updated to remove the most archaic and noncognate terms. (For example in the original KJV the word "let" more often meant "to hinder" etc. Which is why Jesus says, "Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not," rather than "Let the little children come unto me."

I know, TMI, but I think it's interesting to note. A side note on why these version--KJV besides being the Word of God (which is sufficient) is the translation which along with Shakespeare comprises the Pearl of the English Language. The RSV, particularly in the psalms manages to retain some of the Majesty, but nothing subsequent has come close to the beauty of the language. And often we find God in beauty as well as in His Word, so why not combine the two.

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FWIW: I recently found a new (i think) edition of the RSV NT & Psalms now distributed by Baker Book House (800.877.2665) for Cambridge. Pocketbook-sized with leather cover. It carries ISBN 0521530040 and costs about $45 plus shipping.



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