Awwww! And I REALLY Wanted Elijah

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Sadly I came out as Moses. I was sorry to see that I still appeared rigid and uncaring. Will continue to work on that.

Well, we even out. I wanted to get King David (Psalm 51 and all that, you know), but got Elijah instead! Now will I be going bald?

Never fear, Gregg: it was Elisha, Elijah's protege, who was the bald guy.

Steven, I know all about the "still, small voice" of the Lord that Elijah heard. I know Carmelites claim him as our spiritual father.

But don't you ever feel that King David and his love for the Lord and joy in Him is just as good a role model for Carmel?

The idea of Elijah is that we're supposed to "get away from it all;" however, the majority of Bible time for Elijah is given to active ministry:

1) miracles;
2) the "butt-kicking" of Baal and his prophets; and
3) prophesying doom to Ahab and Jezebel.

His flaws of impetuosity notwithstanding, I think King David, as "a man after God's own heart," is not too bad a result for you as a Carmelite!

Dear Kathy,

Agreed. But you must admit being able to deliver a good kick in the Ba'al's is a mighty nice talent.

But I suppose I can dance before the Lord and be content. I don't have the right personality for kicking anyway.



Carmelites as closet "Ba'al" kicker wanabees...

...........spunky St. Teresa..maybe..but St. Therese???

Hee hee thanks for the giggle


Guess what this friendly cyber-neighborhood Dominican came out as? You got it Elijah! Well guess we know why I was so amused at the thought of "Ba'al kicker" wanabees!



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