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--Sometimes I wish I were clever enough, had an incisive enough mind, or perhaps just cared passionately enough to make political comments and critique those who make the decisions about running the nation. But the truth of the matter is that as capable as I am in some things, in this I am utterly incapable. I would not like to be the person responsible for representing thousands of people like me and worse. I have neither the practical savvy nor the self-assurance to be able to make decisions of this sort and whenever I get to analyzing them, my critique amounts to the fact that I don't care for the decision because I don't like it. Period. Not a great way to comment on politics.

--While we're recounting failings, I may as well admit that I don't particularly like Abraham Lincoln either. I truly respect and admire George Washington, John Adams, and to some extent James Madison. I abhor Alexander Hamilton and I'm ambivalent about Jefferson and Marshall. Jefferson has thoroughly admirable and even enviable facets, and thoroughly disreputable and unlikable characteristics. This is true of nearly everyone, but this dichotomy seems more pronounced in Jefferson than in some others. Oh, and I've never particularly cared for Andrew Jackson, but recent intelligence suggests that my opinions were formed in the absence of some of the facts.

--It's too cold in Florida today. Yes, I know it's colder elsewhere, but that doesn't stop it from being too cold here today. I need to live near sea-level nearer the equator--Trinidad, Belize, anyone have a suggestion of a Caribbean destination that isn't completely politically unstable?

--In case you can't tell from the blog, I'm excited about Lent. I'm really looking forward to it, and have, in a small way, already geared up for my Lenten Journey. I still haven't quite figured out the entire plan--what I'll read and what penitential practices I will engage in; however, I do know that I shall spend a great deal more time with my Carmelite Mentors AND Ignatius Press has a very interesting book that might be worth looking into--Thomas á Kempis The Passion of Christ.

Well enough bits and pieces. More later if my brain doesn't dry up.

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Near sea level, closer to the equator... I highly recommend Costa Rica. I spent probably 8 weeks there last year (on & off) and it is wonderful. Get a little house close to the Pacific coast on the Nicoya Peninsula. Surfing, hiking in the rain forest, rafting the rivers.... would that work?


Having just returned from Puerto Rico, I don't think I would recommend it as a retirement location. However, have you considered the Virgin Islands?

I have also heard good things about Costa Rica but have never been there.

Pax et bonum


I have to read more about Hamilton; I've never been interested enough to read about him.

Just came across this quote:

"Die when I may, I want it said of me by those who knew me best that I always plucked a thistle and planted a flower where I thought a flower would grow." -- Abraham Lincoln



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