Who Do You Say I Am?


Jesus asks each of this question. And he expects a personal response. It would be enough, I suppose to respond with Peter's answer. But only enough. We need to ask ourselves, "Who is Jesus?" And when we think we have an answer to that question we need to ask the next--how is this displayed in my daily life?

By our baptism we are called to evangelism. But how can we proclaim the good news if we haven't any real understanding of what it means? And we can judge our understanding of the good news only in the light of who Jesus is.

Jesus is not looking for prefabricated answers. We can recite the catechism to our hearts' content, but unless those words mean something more than the abstract intellectual realities they convey, Jesus is not a reality for us.

In quiet time we would do well to answer the question, "Who do you say I am?" And when we answer that question, we should ask Him, "And how, Lord, do I live it out?" Then listen. Just listen. Conversation goes both ways and the still, small voice cannot be heard over the din of our self-important bluster.

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