Report from the Carmelite Congress

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Staying at a neat hotel in Tampa that allows access to computers hooked to the internet for free. It's got great accommodations and is the kind of thing that might actually make me change my mind about Tampa in general.

Anyway, a long exhausting day of conferences by some of the major names in Carmelite studies. But more importantly than that they are by major scholars, they are by people who are committed to directing and to helping those who pursue the Carmelite path.

Started with morning prayer and a magnificent Votive Mass of St. John of the Cross--the homily of which alone was worth the entire price of the conference. This was followed by the first conference--Father Kiernan Kavanaugh--yes, the main translator of Sts. John of the Cross and Teresa of Jesus talking about "The Kingdom of God in St. Teresa of Jesus." Well planned, well considered and inspiring. I hope when I get back home and I can synch my palm I can post a better summary of what went on. It seems so long ago.

But suffice to say the essence of nearly every talk here is that prayer is not judged on how much we know but on how much we love. But I will try to get back tomorrow if possible. Sorry things are so sketchy, but I'm sure you all understand. I just wanted to share some of the excitement and the true movement of the Holy Spirit that appear to be going on here. (And I have committed the promised intentions to the care of my Carmelite Brothers and sisters here.)

Hope to write more tomorrow.

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Thanks for checking in!

Tampa is a dirty word for Raiders' fans.

Anything you can share will be appreciated!

Oh lucky you! May you enjoy a fruitful congress and update us frequently!

Do we get another update? How did you enjoy it? I was there also and was very impressed by a lot that was there... The only thing I could pick on (other than that sinful, but delicious cheesecake), would be some of the presentations. I felt like some of the presenters read from their notes, completely! Most of those people also had no eye contact... But over all, I would do it again! I feel like I received a lot of good information and felt loved! I of course, had the best seat in the house, because I felt closterphobic in those chairs... My mother-in-law and I both sat on the floor, in the back - It was great! The morning prayers and Masses were beautiful. Father Cantala's class was my favorite! He knows what he's doing and how to say everything... The Holy Spirit was truly present at the Congress...

God Bless!



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