Probably A Little Idealized

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Mr. Bogner pointed out that different results come with different numbers of questions. I don't choose to acknowledge my results on the 45 question version. When I do 18, I come up as Gandhi (another of Erik's favorite people). These are the results of the 9 question--highly satisfactory.

The 27 Question Test results in Albert Einstein, who is a hero of mine. Ditto 45 question test (this time.) My ideas saved/will destroy the world. Ha!

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Funny how different the results get for me:

9 - Gandhi
18 - Einstein
27 - Che Guevara
45 - Saddam Hussein

At least I didn't get Caligula. I think this says something significant about the consistency of the instrument.

Dear Gregg

I suspect that most of the results at 45 are fairly negative--people driven to take 45 question tests to find out who they resemble are immediately suspect. I imagine the developers of this little ditty are having a great little joke. After all, look at the descriptions even of the "good-guys"--"A people loving Macedonian Dwarf."

Yes, the instrument is probably a little (deliberately) flawed.



The quality of the survey has to be suspect. But I did take their 53-question Myers-Briggs test and came out the same as I have for the past 20 years or so - INTJ. Strong on the I & T, not as much on the N and J.

According to the quiz, I'm the sensitive late bloomer of leadership: Hitler! But I took the 18-question version only--after that result, I had no desire to toy with it further!



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